Research Packages

The role of the RPs is to modulate the research programme into segments which correspond to the generic subsystem structure of intelligent machines. In addition, the programme includes two RPs with more general roles. One of them is “INTEGRATOR” (RP 9), the role of which is to integrate the results from other RPs and maintain coherence between the institutions. The second one is the internal re-evaluation and education RP (RP 1), the role of which has already been explained above. In addition to the roadmap building, this RP includes projection of the future of service robotics, which, as a future consumer product area, is not so easily predictable as the other application areas of GIM. The Research Packages are the following:

Each RP has its own research plan for 2008-2013, associated with a detailed research plan for 2008-2010 (referred to as “tasks”). It is important to note that the Research Packages are not detailed research themes, but baskets to hold similar research problems and experienced people to solve them.