GIM research overview (2008-2013)

GIM was a research centre focused on intelligent mobile machines and robotics. Its background was in the strong research tradition of the participating institutes in this area and the urgent need from industry.

The Finnish mechanical engineering industry makes up about one third of the country's exports. It enjoys a strong and leading market position in certain special areas of the industry world-wide, one of which is mobile machines, especially heavy working and transportation machines (mining machines, harbour terminal transporters, forestry machines, farming machines, military vehicles, etc).

The position of the mobile machine manufacturing industry with the supporting industries has a stronge basis in active research and development. The cooperation between universities, research institutes and companies have been good and beneficial in Finland. The importance of intensified and focused research to support product development has grown along with the increased customer needs and with the advancement of technology especially in automation and ICT.

Research in intelligent machines and field & service robotics is the current leading force in the development of mobile machines, which is also globally a very active field of research. This anticipates the creation of a fully new intelligent machines industry with a significant economic potential in the future. It has become evident that there is an urgent need for a more generic and concentrated research effort in the key areas of future intelligent machines; new generations of traditional working machines as well as new types of mobile machines, such as service robots.

Generic basic research for machinery is essential because the solutions for the machines are becoming more and more complicated along with the increasing need of ICT and automation in their structures. The challenge of construction is in making use of the power of modular design where adaptation of modules is fully utilized. Generic research of machines takes a new approach to design by supposing that the final product is built up of various general purpose modules, which can be adapted to the specific problem considered.

The ultimate goal of GIM research was to open up new structural and operational solutions for designing intelligent mobile machines by combining automation and ICT with high level mechanical engineering. Generic design methods and modules can be applied and combined for various machines to suit the specific needs of the appropriate use of the machine.



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