Work site with machines

The Integrator infrastructure provides testbed for the GIM research. The work site is a outdoor test area, which is partly covered. The covered part is 20m x 20m hall with sand surface. The test area is equipped with Wireless Network and over head cameras to provide overview.

Currently there are two work machine operational. The machines are skid-steered small scale multipurpose tractors (model AVANT320), which are modified for digital control. Additionally, the machines are equipped with on-board PC, which provides access to additional sensors and to GIMnet.

The machines are equipped with SICK laser scanner and Stereo vision system for environment perception.

Base of the GIM-machine

The currently there are two machines under development. The first one is based on the AVANT620 model. It is middle-joint controlled general purpose tractor. This machine will be bigger and more powerful than the previous machines. This machine will also have modern field buses and sensors, which are more suitable for researching the future needs of a generic intelligent machine.

The next machine is so called GIM-Machine, which will be built completely within GIM. The GIM-machine will answer the research needs even further to future and will among other things provide platform for motion systems.