Task 5: Biologically inspired locomotion systems


New small projects can be adopted whenever an interesting idea and resources to study it are found. It is expected that within this task some master-level students will conduct research work on new non-conventional locomotion systems, like fish-like swimming or jumping balls and similar. Promising systems will be studied more carefully by making preliminary performance calculations, kinematic and dynamic modelling, and finally an architectural manufacturing design with power and performance calculations. Systems which seem to be feasible after this study will be implemented with full mechanics and control.

Expected results

Expected results present new innovative motion system concepts.

Planned activities and publications

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Master's Research on multi-robot operations of reconfigurable robot team. To be demonstrated with 4-8 Lego NEXT robots. (David Leal Martinez, Ylikorpi)
Masterís Thesis (David Leal Martinez)


Definition of 'Ceilbot'-project; An in-house robot manipulator that travels hanging from ceiling and functions in a similar manner as an elephant's trunk.
Internal project definition (Ylikorpi)