Work plan and progress

Editor: Tomi Ylikorpi, Aalto


  • Eemeli Aro, Aalto
  • Kalevi Huhtala, IHA
  • Peter Jakubik, Aalto
  • Josť-Luis Peralta, Aalto
  • Mika Vainio, Aalto
  • Antti Vuohijoki, IHA


Aim of the GIM RP8 is to research and develop further some of the non-conventional motion systems. Some of the motion systems have a biomimetic background and offer potential advances for GIM movement on natural terrain on Earth or in a planetary environment. Generic features of the chosen motion systems will be studied and demonstrated in the INTEGRATOR project. Also other specific projects introducing walking, crawling, fish-like swimming, and rolling are presented.

A common denominator for these systems is the need for high intelligence motion control and extremely good perception of the environment. The work to be performed in with in the RP8 is divided into six tasks. The tasks 1-4 and 6 each represent one or two specific projects to be present in more detail in this document. The task 5 is an open task that can adopt new small projects whenever an interesting idea and resources to study it are found.

Changes to original Research Plan

The Bipedal motion has been separated from task 5 into its own specific Task 6. Task 5 remains as an open task for additional innovative studies.

The six tasks of RP8 are:

Task 1: Multi-wheel system control
Task 2: Further development of rolking
Task 3: GIMBall; Further development of ball locomotion
Task 4: Techniques for passive underwater locomotion
Task 5: Biologically inspired locomotion systems
Task 6: Dynamic energy conserving bipedal walking