Research plan 2008-2010

Task 1: Start-up Workshop.

The workshop starts the CoE mission. Senior researchers from both partners will present their most important work related to the GIM area. Presentations will be completed by visits and demonstrations at both organisations. Participating doctoral students will present their research plans and current situation. Visiting lectures will give two to three presentations concerning future visions of the fi eld and of service robots. The three following years of the research plan will be created in more detail and the overall focus will be discussed. A similar workshop will be organized in 2010 in order to look ahead to the rest of the CoE period.

Expected results: re-evaluated project plan, detailed work plan for years 2008-2010

Task 2: Future vision of the field and service robotics

The existing situation and the state of the art in field and service robotics research will be studied on the basis of the experience of the partners and an intensive study lasting three months. The future vision will be based on the current situation and a careful study of futurology. The study will include interviews with, and lectures by, experts in both robotics and futurology. The future visions will be created in the form of different roadmaps of possible development in robot technology and commercial robotics. The visions will be created so as to reflect the situation until 2030.

Expected results: state of the art, future vision of field and service robotics

Tasks 3, 4, 5: yearly workshops

The research results of the previous year will be presented to the workshop audience and discussed. Additionally, concrete demonstrations of the INTEGRATOR project will take place. Visiting lecturers from top-level research institutes and industry will give a few presentations concerning the chosen topic. Panel discussions can also be arranged. After the educational part the progress of the project will be evaluated and the overall research plan adjusted if needed. A detailed plan for the following two years will be written.

Expected results: re-evaluated project plan, detailed work plan for next two years