In a relatively large six-year research project, such as the GIM programme, continuous evaluation and reassessment of the plan and its topics are needed in order to fulfi ll the planned strategy. Because of the fact that the research focus has to be based on the existing history and a view of the future, education/review is tightly bound to the re-evaluation of the project plan. This also includes continuous updating of the view of future developments in the GIM area. The purpose of the research package is to fulfi ll these needs.

Education and re-evaluation workshops are organized once per year. A workshop starts with an evaluation of the previous year’s achievements, based on presentations by the task groups, and a doctoral seminar in which the doctoral students present their work plans and report on their progress during the last year. Concrete demonstrations of the INTEGRATOR project (RP 9) are also timed as part of these workshops. Additionally, visiting lecturers both from other international research institutes and industry are invited to the workshop. The educational part of the workshop is targeted at the entire staff of CoE-GIM and the representatives of the scientific advisory board. However, to keep the workshops informal and creative they are for internal evaluation only. The official evaluation seminars will be held separately.

During the workshop, straight after the educational part, the evaluation and reassessment of the plan start. All senior researchers and the executive board participate in this evaluation group. The main objective is to evaluate the previous year, adjust the overall plan, if necessary, and formulate a more detailed work plan for the next two years according to the original plan and its adjustments. Workshops will be organized outside the office in order to ensure a peaceful working environment.

The matters evaluated are especially:

  • progress: has the plan been followed and are the quality and quantity enough?
  • the balance between basic and applied research
  • cooperation between the two partner organisations
  • dissemination of the results
  • the budget

The first workshop will concentrate on presenting the background research of the partners and detailed planning of the two first years. Life and strategy after CoE-GIM will be studied in the two fi nal workshops. Focusing of the research plan is supported by a separate task, which maps the current state of the art in the branch of fi eld and service robotics and studies the different scenarios and future visions of intelligent machines. Methods such as Delphi will be used to make the scenarios as reliable as possible. Results will be published as separate reports.