Fast dynamic service discovery

Machines can connect and disconnect from the network (GIMnet) dynamically. No need to know in advance the number,names or type of the machines. The state of the network is available, with a service discovery, and all the nodes in the network can be aware of it.

On the left side, the current state of GIMnet can be seen. The machines appears on the network almost immediately and are ready to be controlled.

Long Distance Teleoperation

Long distance teleoperation has been tested by using GIMnet and MaCI. The robot was at Sanghai,China and was teleoperated from Espoo, Finland (~7370km).

Dynamic path planning

Driving 4 robots to random places by generating the path continuously. The path is calculated taking account the map of the environment, the obstacles detected with a laser scanner, the positions and planned routes of other machines.

Controlling a group of robots

Controlling a group of simulated robots. One of the robot is the leader and the other ones are following it.

Controlling a group of robots was tested by using real robots. They took part in a television program called Prisma, in the national television of Finland.

Task optimization and assignment with simulator

Mapping the site

Mapping a site with Avant 600 series machine, which has been equipped with many sensors and modified to be controlled electronically. The localization and the navigation map (Occupancy grid) is calculated with the data of one horizontal LIDAR. With two tilted LIDAR the terrain model is constructed by using the position information got from the horizontal LIDAR.