FSRSim is a multi-robot simulator based on the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE). It has a few robot type implemented and new robot can be added, but it needs to be coded and can take some time. FSRSim is in FSRSim folder. To compile it:

cd FSRSim

You have to specify at least the map what to use. gimisettings.xml contains the hostname and port where to connect or you can specify them as command line parameters with '-u' and '-p' parameters.To launch it to localhost:40002 and with a testmap call:

./FSRSim maps/testmap_J2B2.xml -u localhost -p 40002


Currently the following robots are implemented:





Warehouse forklift

Warehouse truck

Following sensors are implemented:

  • Laserscanner (SICK and URG)
  • Sonar
  • Camera


The world is specified in a xml-file. FSRSim/maps contains many maps-file where to choose or to look example. Above you can find an example of a xml file used by FSRSim. the wall width and height can be changed by changing values of default_width and default_height. The walls are described as lines with <wall/> nodes.

Robots and objects are defined between <object> </object> with robot own identifier (in this case J2B2). The starting point and heading and the MaCIGroup are defined.

	Preliminary map for the FSR course
<walls default_width="0.01" default_height="1.0">
	<wall x1="-0.372" y1="-0.496" x2="0.400" y2="-0.500" />
	<wall x1="-0.395" y1="-0.491" x2="-0.397" y2="1.087" />
	<wall x1="-3.086" y1="2.008" x2="-3.088" y2="1.287" />
	<wall x1="-3.082" y1="2.005" x2="0.400" y2="2.000" />
	<wall x1="0.405" y1="1.992" x2="0.400" y2="-0.500" />
	<wall x1="-1.188" y1="1.987" x2="-1.188" y2="1.012" />
	<wall x1="-1.980" y1="0.012" x2="-1.980" y2="1.304" />
	<wall x1="-0.388" y1="-0.004" x2="-1.888" y2="0.004" />
	<wall x1="-3.072" y1="1.304" x2="-1.963" y2="1.304" />
	 <J2B2 x="0" y="0" heading="0" MaCIGroup="J2B2"/>