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This section contains open software developed during the GIMBiped project period 2008-2013. Here you can find low level drivers for the LinMot linear actuators and sensors. There is also all the simulators developed for the implementation and tests of the control algorithms. The control algorithms are also available here. Finally the codes related to the nonlinear continuation process performed to find the optimal mechanical distribution is also available. For further information related to this code sources please refer to Publications or contact Josť Luis Peralta.



Control Algorithms

Continuation Algorithms

The continuation implementation of the 3-Link biped model uses the TC-HAT software developed by Phanikrishna Thota which can be downloaded in link.

Biped Models and Main Simulation Programs

Continuation Codes (6.5M)

Results in TC-HAT form

Result files (116.6M) For access to all the remaining results (4.4Gb) contact Josť Luis Peralta.

Data analysis programs

Data Analysis Codes (14.3M)

Result Workspaces for data analysis testing

WorkSpc_Model_6a (328.0M) WorkSpc_Model_6a1 (113.2M) WorkSpc_Model_6a2 (113.3M) WorkSpc_Model_6b (44.8M) WorkSpc_Model_6b1 (44.8M)
For access to all the remaining workspace results (6.3Gb) contact Josť Luis Peralta.

Experimental Data

Several hundreds of Gbyte of data recorded during the experiments of ZMP-LCW based control (motor voltage, current, position, velocity, temperature etc ) may also be released upon direct request. For such data release please contact Josť Luis Peralta.

Data analysis programs